We have experience in all levels of building projects and can assist our clients in providing other specialists and consultants where deemed necessary, for the individual needs of the project.

We have successfully completed concepts on the following types of building:

  • Residential extensions
  • Residential conversions
  • Residential new builds
  • Residential housing developments
  • Eco/Sustainable builds
  • Commercial, Industrial and Retail buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Tourism complexes

A flexible level of service is offered to suit our clients’ specific wishes and type of project, which can include involvement from Inception to Completion, or assisting with obtaining the necessary permissions and approvals.


Here is an overview of the types of services we provide:

  • Measured Surveys of existing buildings, site areas and land
  • Scheme Designs
  • General Planning/Development Advice
  • Remodelling layouts
  • Planning Applications
  • Listed Building Applications
  • Building Regulations Applications
  • Licensed Premises drawings (i.e. Public Houses, Restaurants etc.)
  • Tendering processes and information packages
  • On site supervision and contract administration
  • Project Management
  • CAD drawings for manufacturing products.

This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us with your requirements!


Traditionally fees for Architectural Services can be set by a percentage of the overall project cost or an hourly rate. This can lead to misunderstanding and potentially inflated bills.  

We believe that most projects can be estimated for each element and therefore we are able to provide clients with a reasonable estimate of fees for each stage, tailored to suit the individual needs of the project.

Once a free initial consultation has taken place to discuss the project, our clients are provided with a fee estimate identifying the elements involved, with all likely costs and expenses included.

Within this, clients are provided a breakdown of the other associated costs, such as Local Authority Planning and Building Regulation fees, to provide as full a picture as possible.